Selecting an Area Rug

A number of considerations surround area rug selection from TEMA Contemporary Furniture; including design, comfort, construction, size, materials and price. We offer a variety of area rugs that provide accessory possibilities to fit any decor and personal taste.

Area Rug Selection Tips

Design. An empty room may be designed around an area rug, or a rug may put the final touches on an existing room. When designing a room around an area rug, use the rug colors to decide upon furniture, paint or paper color. A well-chosen area rug can coordinate patterns, furniture, and wall prints to complete a room design.


Furniture may be selected around rug colors and design. Area rugs are an effective method to mix patterns that have the same color palette. Deep colored area rugs provide warmth and intimacy, while lights colored rugs can open a room and provide a more spacious feeling.


Evaluate the size of the space and the area to cover. Larger area rugs provide comfort and benefit acoustics in a large space. Area rugs also enhance areas in bedrooms, kitchens and other smaller areas that may require a splash of color or warmth.


TEMA Contemporary Furniture provides a variety of area rugs made from synthetic and natural yarns.


Machine-made area rugs are less expensive, yet similar in appearance to handmade area rugs. TEMA Contemporary Furniture offers both types of construction.


Circular and other uniquely shaped rugs can present a design alternative to rectangular or square shapes.

The Space:

The type of light and amount of traffic in a room will affect choices of area rug material. Some man-made fibers resist fading better than natural fibers, so consider the amount of direct sunlight an area rug will receive.


An area rug with the right combination of pile density (closer stitches or tufts) and fiber will resist wear.

Area rug underlays (or pads) will reduce wear on the area rug and provide additional noise absorption.

Design Considerations

When considering a room-sized area rug for a hardwood or tile floor, allow at least eight inches of floor material to be exposed around the area rug perimeter.

In dining rooms, measure the top of the table and add four feet to the width and length. Use this measurement to determine the size of the dining room area rug. The extra footage provides a comfortable area around the table for pulling out chairs.

  • Do not extend area rugs into high traffic areas.
  • Divide a large space into more intimate sitting areas by placing furniture around 4'X6' or 6'X8' area rugs.
  • Floral patterns can accentuate and blend with more contemporary geometric designs if the color palettes are similar.
  • Pair less complicated designs with more intricate patterns.
  • Small and large patterns pair well.
  • When selecting an area rug around existing furniture, bring a swatch of the predominant pattern in the room.

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