Parkway Outdoor Patio Barstool by Brown Jordan

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Parkway Outdoor Patio Barstool

Inspired by the golden era of Modernism, Parkway outdoor patio furniture conjures images of a stately past. A broad, flat extrusion creates a smooth, pleasing touch and complements the frame's lengthy, slender profile. The arms are crisply bent into a rectilinear profile reminiscent of the geometry prominent during the heyday of modern design. The exclusive parabolic mesh seating on the complementary sling seating collection provides flexibility and support in three dimensions. Advanced engineering allows the backrest to lay almost flush into the frame, creating a sleek finish.

  • Features a powder-coated extruded aluminum framework that is tautly upholstered with a proprietary elastomeric Parabolic® sling.
  • Powder-coated technique insures a uniform coating and a long-life finish.
  • Parabolic® sling provides an intuitive and resilient suspension seating system. It permits air circulation, while conforming to different shapes, weights and movements.
  • Parkway Sling is suitable for all outdoor and casual living spaces in residential and hospitality environments.
  • Parkway seating frames innovatively capture the tautly-upholstery parabolic stretch fabric to create amazing aesthetic, form, function and comfort.
  • 27 metal finish and 6 Parabolic Sling® fabrics available. Come see us in store or visit Brown Jordan to view a complete list of finish and Parabolic Sling® options.

Dimensions: 24"w x 27"d x 47"h x 29"sh

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