Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Synthetic area rugs generally resist staining and soiling better than wool area rugs, although wool provides excellent stain resistance if caught quickly. Wool fibers are available in hand and machine-made area rugs, but synthetic area rugs are usually more affordable. Wool tends to wear longer than synthetic fibers, because the natural tendency of wool fiber is to stretch rather than break. The protein core of a wool fiber absorbs dye well, which creates a softer appearance compared to synthetic fibers. See our section on Area Rug Construction for more details.

What is a hand-tufted area rug?

Hand-tufted area rugs are usually created by punching yarn in a cloth that is attached to a frame, and then gluing the back with latex after hooking the yarn. The surface loop pile is then sheared to produce a flat surface. This process creates an area rug that is very plush, generally less expensive and easier to make than hand-knotted area rugs.

How long will my area rug last?

Area rug durability is generally determined by the material, construction, and amount of traffic in a space. By carefully considering where the area rug will be placed and how it will be used, you can anticipate its longevity. View an expected longevity chart.

What type of area rug warranty does TEMA Contemporary Furniture provide?

There is a one-year manufacturer defect warranty on all area rugs. Although our contemporary area rugs are produced with the highest quality, if a defect is found within one year from the purchase date the rug may be replaced or repaired at the vendor's discretion.

How do I clean and care for my area rug?

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How long does it take to deliver an area rug?

Most area rugs are stocked in a 6' X 8' size and will arrive in seven to ten business days from the day you place the order. Other sizes are available and can be custom-made to fit your space. Please allow eight to ten weeks for custom orders, and more time in some cases for handmade area rugs.

Do some countries produce better area rugs than others?

TEMA Contemporary Furniture purchases area rugs that originate from around the world. Every type of area rug from different countries has the potential for excellent quality as well as problems. TEMA Contemporary Furniture selects vendors that carefully monitor area rug quality and construction to ensure a quality product with excellent value.

What area rug size do I need for my room?

There are no precise guidelines for selecting an area rug for a room, other than a dining area. A good method to determine the right size is to spread bed linens as a substitute to approximate the size, take measurements, and choose the closest size available. In a dining area, measure the table and provide at least four additional feet to the length and width. In this manner, the chair legs remain on the area rug when pulled away from the table.

Will my area rug fade?

The area rugs at TEMA Contemporary Furniture are manufactured with synthetic dyes, which last longer than natural dyes. In areas with high sun exposure,some fading may occur, so consider the space in which you will place the area rug. Most area rugs will provide years of vibrant color that do not fade under normal light conditions.

Is an underlay (rug pad) necessary?

We strongly encourage the use of an area rug underlay to protect your area rug from abrasion, impact and cleaning. A quality underlay can add years to the life of your area rug while providing additional safety and acoustic benefits.

My area rug just arrived, and it appears to be creased. Do I have a problem?

During shipping many area rugs develop creases or the pile gets compressed, which usually disappears within two weeks. If the problem is more serious, visit our Policies section.

How are your area rugs shipped?

Our area rugs are shipped by UPS or FedEx.

What do you charge for shipping?

Shipping in the continental United States is free of charge for area rugs. Area rugs measuring over 9' x 12' may incur additional shipping costs. Please call for details.

Where do you ship?

TEMA Contemporary Furniture ships to any of the 48 contiguous United States.

I just received my area rug, but the colors aren't what I expected. What are my options?

Colors in an area rug may vary from the colors on our website, depending on your monitor settings and other factors. Please visit our Policies section.

How do I arrange for a return?

Please visit our Policies section.

Who pays for the return shipping?

Please visit our Policies section.

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