Area Rug Durability


Area rug durability is generally determined by the material, construction, and amount of traffic in a space. By carefully considering where the area rug will be placed and how it will be used, you can anticipate its longevity.The chart below helps demonstrate the life you can expect from an area rug of various constructions placed in different spaces.

L = Low Traffic (bedroom, bathroom, formal areas, etc.)
M = Medium Traffic (dining room, office, etc.)
H = High Traffic (hallways, family room, entry, etc.)

Remember that the type of material used in area rug construction will also affect its longevity (i.e., a machine made area rug of tufted wool will last longer than a man-made hooked area rug in a medium traffic area).

Area Rug Type5-15 Years12-20 Years20 or more Years
Hand-knotted H H H/M
Machine-made H H/M M/L
Hand-tufted H M L
Hand-hooked M L L
Braided M L L
Flat Weave M L L

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