Area Rug Benefits


Area rugs can set the character, mood or period of a space and provide the means to personalize an environment.

Contemporary area rugs are an excellent method to incorporate an artistic air into a home, and are a good technique to simply add color to a room.

Contemporary area rugs come in a variety of styles, including traditional patterns that have roots in Oriental, Persian and Native American designs.


Area rugs provide comfort and warmth in addition to beauty.

Consider area rugs when designing a space around children or seniors.

Area rugs are a perfect method to soften hard surfaces and make them easier on the ears as well as the feet.


When used with an underlay or rug pad, area rugs provide a stable and non-slick surface to help prevent slips and falls and protect against impact.

Area rugs can minimize injuries from falls to children, seniors and other family members.

Sound Reduction

Hard surfaces within a space reverberate noise, especially with the introduction of stereos, televisions and telephones into the modern home or office. Area rugs help absorb and reduce noise. Traffic noise between house floors may be reduced with area rugs.

When used beneath tables and chairs, area rugs provide insulation against furniture movement in addition to providing warmth and decoration.

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